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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How are my tracks delivered?

A:  All Learning Tracks are delivered via Internet Download: Upon receipt of purchase you will be directed to download your purchase immediately


Q.  Can you send me a CD?

A:  ADVocals will not provide any hard copies of rehearsal media 


Q:  What do I get for my money?

A:  All orders include the following tracks for all voice parts:

  • Full Mix - This Track allows the listener to hear all of the parts properly blended together. This track will also give the listener the overall feeling and excitement of the arrangement.

  • Part Left - The designated voice part is placed on the Left Channel, the other parts are placed on the Right Channel. This track allows the listener the option of listening to only their part on the left speaker or singing along with the other parts on the right speaker. By adjusting the level of left/right speaker, the listener is able to hear their part at many different levels in relation to the other parts. In most cases, the given part track also acts as a part predominant track.


  • Part Predominant and Part Less – Existing tracks are noted on the song list whether they include either of these mixes as an option. Custom tracks will do what is requested and agreed upon by the purchaser.  Extra fees for additional mixes may apply.  


Q:  When do I pay?

A:  Payment for custom tracks is due upon delivery. 


Q:  Do I have to have PayPal?

A:  No, you can pay with PayPal without having a PayPal account. Another option would be sending a check though it delays the delivery process.

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